Google captures 'Street View' images of Sandy damage
Posted on: 01/06/2013 09:05 AM

The New Your Post was the first to report that Google has dispatched cars to the Hurricane Sandy areas to map it. Seems like this is something that people would want to see being an important moment in history but some residents are not happy about it although we think they are just more stressed and tired than really thinking about it.

One victim said “They are putting us wiped out on the map!” fumed Damian Malandro, 39, who lives in the neighborhood and suffered water damage to his house.

“They’re going to call it a wasteland! I don’t like Google driving around my property. What are they doing it for? To drop the property value?”

One resident defended the shots, saying the neighborhood should be depicted as it is.

“I think the more awareness, the better,” said Danielle Salvanti.

“To pretend that this is not what my neighborhood looks like is unrealistic.”

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