Pedal To The Metal Changes Gears
Posted on: 04/25/2015 10:55 AM

As you might have noticed, as of April 25th 2015 all site content has been removed. PedalToTheMetal.Com has been through many changes over the years. Here’s how we got here.

I am a major fan of anything that has a motor or moves you. I’ve owned countless cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV’s, jet skis, boats, bicycles and even a Segway. I’ve had the pleasure of driving supercars, exotics and even a hovercraft. And I love them all. So, how to share this passion for such a wide range of toys? I spotted this domain for sale back around 2009 and made a lowball offer of half what was being asked and it was accepted! So, I have the domain; now what?

Originally it was automotive and motorcycle news but we found that market was massively oversaturated and well covered. We couldn’t bring anything to the table and it felt like a second full time job. So, that didn’t last long.

So we decided to post pictures of different transportation that we found funny and we did pretty well at it and had some fun but we hit a couple of problems. First, while it wasn’t horrible as a site, it simply just lacked any real depth. Oh and Google hated us for the content and blacklisted us. We’re not in it to get rich but we like to cover our server costs.

So here we are starting in 2015. I am in Florida having a cold, frosty drink on the ocean and over a couple of weeks I spotted parasailers, people using jet boots and other sports and I noticed something; everyone stopped and watched along with me. So, my goal here is to find videos, photos and stories of people playing with unique vehicles or extreme sports. We think it’s different and we hope you enjoy your time here. If you do, be sure to hit us up on social media. We don't spam like crazy and would appreciate your support.

Bear with us as we rebuild!

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