Plane Crazy: TSA Breast Milk Screening. When will it end? [Video]
Posted on: 11/29/2010 03:35 PM

Stacey Armato is the brunette in black getting items ready for screening (you will see her about 45 seconds into the first video). She travels every week and brings home breast milk through Phoenix Sky Harbor. From here the story is repeated with her own words for accuracy as it is a long story:

TSA rules allow for alternate screening (no x-ray) for breast milk and I almost never had a problem…until the week before this screening. I was held for 30 minutes that week while the TSA manager called to find out the rules. I was told to “pump and dump,” and asked why the milk wasn’t clear, also asked where my baby was and if it was really milk (uh traveling, working mom pumping doesn’t usually have the baby with her).

Plane Crazy: TSA Breast Milk Screening. When will it end? [Video]

Quote from the article:

In this segment, I have already been in the glass cage for about 8 minutes.

My patience wears thin and I start crying. It is hard to see on this video, but real tears wouldn’t stop streaming down my face. About 10 minutes into all this, a Phoenix PD comes to calm me down. I explain to him that there is no reason I should be treated this way and I have every right to be upset.

He then says “they” (aka TSA) saw me coming, have it out for me (from my complaint against TSA the week before when they didn’t know the breast milk rules then either), and I should travel out of a different gate in future weeks.

He said TSA wants me to play along with their horse and pony show and if I don’t then TSA can have the Phoenix PD arrest me! Well, I wanted to get home to my baby and my flight was 30 minutes from departure so I ‘played along.’ Three Phoenix PD watched in the background... I could tell they all knew this was a waste of their time but I was happy to have them standing by in case TSA continued to act out of line.

One police officer actually came up to me later during my second screening asking if I was okay and if he could let anyone in my party know I was going to be late. A class act compared to the TSA actions.

Quote from the article:

During this portion of the screening, my items were looked through by some TSA agents, I was patted down, and then I had a talk with the TSA manager. He told me I had to have the milk go through the xray since the containers were too full (not a TSA rule) and the liquid was not clear (hello, it is milk?, and also not a TSA rule).

Quote from the article:

In this segment, the TSA manager tells me I can leave security, redistribute the milk into half full containers (his completely made-up rule) and go through security all over again if I want to avoid xrays on the milk. With tears continuing to stream down my face, I did that. I also missed my flight playing along with his ridiculous game.

It’s a real shame watching these under qualified fat slobs thinking they are doing their job. Burger King would turn them down.

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