The Top 10 Drunkest Cities
Posted on: 12/30/2010 08:17 AM

The Daily Beast has an image gallery and crazy statistics on the top 10 drunkest cities. Now, I really wanted to say “if I lived there, I would drink too” but some of these were a surprise to me. I get Boston for obvious reasons and Alaska because its dark half the year, but… Oh, take a look for yourself…

The Top 10 Drunkest Cities

Here are the Top 10:

1. Milwaukee, WI (Understood)
2. Fargo, ND (Duh)
3. San Francisco, CA (Weird)
4. Austin, TX (Maybe)
5. Reno, NV (It ain't Vegas)
6. Burlington, VT (Obvious)
7. Omaha, NE (Yup)
8. Boston, MA (Do I need to comment?)
9. Anchorage, AK (It's dark out, lets drink!)
10. San Diego, CA (Weird)

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