Video: Charlotte teacher arrested for sexual activity with student
Posted on: 01/06/2013 11:07 AM

This woman gives all teachers a bad name with her behavior. Meet Kristina Ngum, 43 who was busted in a car with a student who had drugs in his possession.

Police charged Kristina Ngum, 43, with one count of felony sexual activity with a student by a teacher. Officials say they discovered the relationship when the victim was arrested on an unrelated drug charge.

It’s not her first time according to WCNC:

Mecklenburg County records indicate Ngum was arrested in July 2011 for larceny under $50 and felony false pretense. The status of that case could not be immediately determined.

Apparently the husband is not the brightest bulb on tree either:

“A man who identified himself as Ngum’s husband, but declined to provide his first name, said Saturday he does not believe the charge against her.

“That is not my wife,” he told The Observer in a phone interview. “She would not do that,” he said, adding that his wife often goes out of her way to help her students. “I would say that she is too overcaring.”

Ngum’s husband said he was shocked to learn from The Observer that his wife had been arrested.

Shocked! LOL.

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